Video Interviews

Solutions to Economic, Political, and Social Problems

Tony Woodlief

Executive vice president at State Policy Network (SPN), which generates solutions to economic, political, and social problems; former president of Bill of Rights Institute and Market-Based Management Institute; author of I, Citizen, a book about reclaiming American self-governance

Free Market Public Policy

John Tillman

Founder and CEO of the American Culture Project; chairman of Illinois Policy Institute; organized litigation team representing the plaintiff in landmark Supreme Court case Janus vs. AFSCME, which affirmed workers’ rights; co-founder of Liberty Justice Center, a public interest firm, and Iron Light LLC, a strategic marketing firm

Entrepreneurship and Education

Don Dyer

Founder and CEO of Professional Janitorial Services, a commercial cleaning firm; former founding chairman of the board of Regents School of Austin, a private school with classical Christian education; board member of CORE Fellowship, a sponsor of the National Prayer Breakfast and outreach to political leaders

Leadership, Politics and Free Press

Marcel Van Hattem

Member of the Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of Congress in Brazil; vice-leader of the political party Partido Novo; former city council member first elected at age 18; journalist and political scientist; author of the book Nos Com Uma Voz (It’s Us With One Voice)

How can Liberty Reach Families?

Connor Boyack

President of Libertas Institute, a public policy think tank; author of the Tuttle Twins book series, which teaches children the principles of liberty; author of books, columns, and articles on politics and religion; frequently featured in national and international media.

Critical Thinking in Education

Robert Schimenz

Executive director of Stossel in the Classroom (SITC), a program that creates videos to encourage critical thinking in schools; president of SITC’s parent organization, Center for Independent Thought, which seeks to expand awareness of liberty, markets, and peace; former high school teacher.

The Power of Civil Society to Solve Meaningful Problems

Lenore Ealy

Senior fellow for communities at Charles Koch Institute, working on strategy and research priorities; founding president of the Philanthropic Enterprise; founder of Thinkitecture, Inc., a boutique consultancy for social entrepreneurs, nonprofit executives, and donors; executive director of the Philadelphia Society.

The Role of Philanthropy for a Free Society

Elise Westhoff

President and CEO at the Philanthropy Roundtable, a national association pursuing philanthropic excellence and freedom; member of the board of directors of the Commonwealth Foundation for Public Policy Alternatives; former executive director of the Snider Foundation.

Entrepreneurship and The Food Supply Chain

Robyn Metcalfe - United States

Director of Food+City, a catalyst that encourages entrepreneurs to solve food system problems; food historian and futurist; visiting research scholar, lecturer, and director of the Food Lab at University of Texas at Austin; founder and former CEO of Kelmscott Rare Breeds Foundation and Farm.

Liberty, Politics, and Mass Persuasion

Robin Koerner - United States and United Kingdom

Political commentator and consultant; academic dean at John Locke Institute; faculty member at Foundation for Economic Education; founder and publisher of; creator of Weapons of Mass Persuasion, a source of effective techniques for advancing liberty.

The Impact of Digital Technology on Society

Mark Stahlman - United States and China

President of Center for the Study of Digital Life, a nonprofit strategic research group studying the effects of digital technologies on civilizations; retired Wall Street technology strategist, investment banker, serial entrepreneur; designer of computer and networking systems.

Education for Next Generation Leaders

Eric Glustrom - United States

Founder and CEO of Watson Institute, an innovative education program for entrepreneurs that combines seminars, project development, and mentorship; founder of Educate!, which educates future leaders in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya; named twice to Forbes 30 Social Entrepreneurs Under 30.

Technology and the Future of Connectivity

Benjamin Slivka - United States

Software and biotech investor, philanthropist, software engineer; led Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team through release of version 3.0; co-founder of Wissner-Slivka Foundation; worked at IBM and Amazon; founded and later sold DreamBox Learning; former Northwestern University trustee

A Conversation on State Reforms and Social Change

Daniel M. Rothschild - United States

Executive director of Mercatus Center at George Mason University; former senior fellow and director of state projects at R Street Institute, a policy research organization; former director of external affairs at American Enterprise Institute; strategist, writer, and policy analyst

Finding Solutions for Poverty and Discrimination

Magatte Wade - Senegal and United States

Entrepreneur; advocate for positive change in business, women’s rights, and Africa; founder and CEO of Skin Is Skin and Tiossan, skin-care companies that bring Senegalese recipes to US markets; advisory board member of Whole Planet Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to microloans

Telecommunications Back in the 1970’s

Robert Metcalfe - United States

General partner emeritus, Polaris Venture Partners, an investment firm that works with entrepreneurs in health care and tech; professor of innovation and Murchison Fellow of Free Enterprise at University of Texas at Austin; inventor of the Ethernet and other Internet-related technologies

From chocolate seller to a successful entrepreneur

Asra Nadeem - United States and Pakistan

Managing partner at Draper University Ventures; director of entrepreneurial programs at Draper University; expert in product strategy for emerging markets; interested in building technologies that skyrocket human potential

Turning an abandoned problem into a business adventure

June Arunga - Kenya

CEO of Usafi Comfort, a wastewater management solutions provider; partner at Black Star Line, a technology provider for mobile payments; advocate for property rights in Africa; one of Forbes’ 20 Youngest Power Women in Africa 2011 and Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business 2010

A “Netflix”, for the liberty movement

Jennifer Thompson - United States

Executive director of Center for the Study of Liberty, which engages the business community with market-liberal ideas; former senior director of programs at Institute for Humane Studies; former vice president of co-sponsored programs at Liberty Fund

Communicating free market principles

Denis Calabrese - United States

Political, policy, and business strategist with expertise in crisis communications, litigation support, media relations; co-founder and chief strategist at Texans for Lawsuit Reform, the most successful state-based civil justice reform group in the country; former president of Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Free Speech and Its Enemies

Flemming Rose - Denmark

Danish journalist, author, and foreign affairs editor at Jyllands-Posten; responsible for the 2005 publication of controversial Muhammad cartoons, which made him a target of Al-Qaeda; senior fellow at Cato Institute; awarded 2016 Milton Friedman Prize for Advancing Libert

Experimental Reforms in Honduras

Guillermo Peña Panting - Honduras

Founding CEO of Fundación Eléutera, which promotes freedom in Honduras; key player in reform establishing autonomous free economic zones (ZEDE); driver behind government project to digitize the land registry using blockchain technology

A Conversation on Technology and Liberty

Sam Patterson, Bitcoin expert, and Gustavo Medina, serial tech entrepreneur

How Free Trade Zones Can Unlock the Economy

Surse Pierpoint - Panama and United States

General manager of Zona Libre de Colón and appointed by the president of Panama to establish rules for this free economic zone; former head of Colón Free Trade Zone Users Association; president of the market-liberal think tank Fundación Libertad Panamá

Surviving At the Top of National Politics

Esperanza Aguirre - Spain

Former minister of education and culture; former president of the Senate; former president of the Community of Madrid; president of the Popular Party of Madrid

How Churchill Saved Western Civilization

João Espada - Portugal

Professor of political studies and director of the Institute for Political Studies at the Catholic University of Portugal; former adviser to two presidents of Portugal; awarded the Order of Merit by the Portuguese government and the highest civil recognition given by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Fighting for Freedom of Speech in Venezuela

Marcel Granier - Venezuela

President and CEO of Empresas 1BC, a major media company in Venezuela; president of the board and general director of Radio Caracas Televisión (RCTV), one of the country’s most watched TV channels; activist and vocal critic of the Venezuelan government

From Cuban Prisioner to Best-Selling Author

Carlos Alberto Montaner - Cuba and Spain

Commentator and author of more than twenty-five books and thousands of articles, mostly on the Cuban dictatorship; named one of the fifty most influential Ibero-American intellectuals by Foreign Policy magazine; political analyst for CNN en Español

From Marxist to Market Liberal

Mauricio Rojas - Sweden and Chile

Former member of the Swedish parliament for the Liberal People’s Party; senior fellow at Fundación para el Progreso, a market-liberal think tank in Chile; author of several books on immigration, economics, and the Swedish model; former president of the market-liberal think tank Timbro

How to Teach Liberalism – and Anything Else

Barbara Oakley - United States

New York Times bestselling author of A Mind for Numbers; creator of Learning How to Learn, one of the most popular online courses in the world with more than half a million students; professor of engineering at Oakland University; visiting scholar at University of California, San Diego

A Leading Voice for Liberty in Africa

Japheth Omojuwa - Nigeria

Political commentator and editor of Atlas Network’s, one of Africa’s largest websites on economics and governance; World Economic Forum Global Shaper; featured on CNN, BBC, and Al Jazeera; named one of Africa’s 50 Movers and Shakers by Credit Suisse

Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Government Regulations

Jerry Brito - United States

Executive director of Coin Center, a new nonprofit research and advocacy center focused on public policy issues facing cryptocurrency technologies such as Bitcoin; adjunct professor of law and former director of the Technology Policy Program at Mercatus Center at George Mason University

Bringing the Internet to the Next Billion People

Matt Dalio - United States and Guatemala

Founder of China Care Foundation, which provides medical, social, and educational programs for orphans with disabilities in China; founder and CEO of Endless Mobile, a computer platform aimed at the developing world and built with technology at a fraction of the cost of traditional PCs

Economic Reform in China

Gang FAN - China

Secretary general of China Reform Foundation; former member of the Monetary Policy Committee of China’s central bank; economic professor and director of the National Economic Research Institute; a Foreign Policy Top 100 Global Thinker

Telecommunications, Technology and Liberalism

Declan Ganley - Ireland and United States

Chairman and CEO of Rivada Networks, a telecommunications firm that specializes in arbitrage and use of radio spectrum; founder and chairman of the pan-European political party Libertas

Liberalism in the Arab World

Nouh El Harmouzi - Morocco

Director of the Arab Center for Scientific Research and Humane Studies; editor of Arabic-language news website; professor of economics at Ibn Toufail University in Morocco; recognized for his speech calling for economic freedom in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring

Political Leadership in South Africa

Lindiwe Mazibuko - South Africa

Former member of parliament, fourth youngest in the country’s history; former parliamentary leader for the Democratic Alliance, the country’s official opposition party; currently studying public policy at John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University

The Future of Education

Sugata Mitra - India and United Kingdom

Chief scientist emeritus at NIIT, an operator of for-profit higher education institutions in India; creator of the Hole-in-the-Wall experiment that demonstrated the value of informal learning and inspired the movie Slumdog Millionaire; professor of educational technology at Newcastle University

Liberalism and Reform in Nepal

Arpita Nepal - Nepal

Co-founder and director of research at Samriddhi, a foundation that advances ideas for a free and prosperous Nepal through entrepreneurial projects and by working with the national government; honored by John Templeton Foundation for promoting economic liberty and fighting corruption

School Reform in New Zealand

David Seymour - New Zealand

Member of Parliament representing the Epsom electorate, including parts of Auckland and suburbs; leader of the pro-market ACT party; former government adviser on partnership/charter schools; former policy analyst with think tanks in Canada and New Zealand

OpenGov and Transparency

Zac Bookman - United States

Co-founder and CEO of OpenGov Inc.; principal at Formation 8 Partners; former special adviser to General HR McMaster, commander of the Anticorruption Task Force in Kabul, Afghanistan

Economic Journalism

Pilar García de la Granja - Spain

Award-winning journalist; US bureau chief correspondent for Spain’s Telecinco TV; US correspondent for Diario el Economista; first Spanish-speaking journalist to report live from the NYSE; winner of the 2007 Golden Antenna award for economics broadcasting in Spain

Liberal School Reform in Sweden

Anders Hultin - Sweden

Architect of Sweden’s school choice reforms; former advisor to minister of education; entrepreneur in education sector; founder of Sweden’s largest nongovernmental school

Liberalism and Internet Governance

Alfredo Timermans - Spain

CEO of Telefónica Internacional USA; former Spanish secretary of state for communications; former deputy chief of staff under President José María Aznar; former director of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES)

Bitcoin, Britain, and Banking

Steve Baker - United Kingdom

Conservative Party MP for Wycombe; former aerospace engineer with Royal Air Force; former software engineer; co-founder of Cobden Center, a market-liberal think tank focusing on monetary policy

Liberalism in Argentina

Gonzalo Blousson - Argentina

Businessman; founder and president of Partido Liberal Libertario, Argentina’s libertarian party

Communicating Liberalism

Bill Frezza - United States

Host of syndicated talk show RealClear Radio Hour; former entrepreneur and venture capitalist; fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute; columnist for RealClearMarkets and Huffington Post; author of 2015 Antigua Forum case study on reforms in New Zealand

Cryptocurrencies and Online Banking

Tuur Demeester - Belgium

Financial analyst and frequent media commentator on digital currencies; early investor and advocate of Bitcoin; owner of AdamantResearch, a financial research firm; former editor of financial newsletter MacroTrends.

Entrepreneurship and Complex Systems

John Chisholm - United States

Technology entrepreneur and investor; founder and CEO of John Chisholm Ventures; founder and former CEO of Decisive Technology (acquired by Google) and CustomerSat (acquired by Confirmit); president of MIT Worldwide Alumni Association; member of MIT Corporation board of trustees; trustee at Santa Fe Institute

Guatemala’s Telecom Reform

Thomas Hazlett - United States

The Future of Health Care

Jamie Heywood - United States

Founder of, a social media tool that shares disease-related information to improve patient outcomes, one of “15 companies that will change the world” (CNN Money)

Free to Choose Medicine

Bartley Madden - United States

Entrepreneur and author of Free To Choose Medicine, a bold reform proposal for the Food and Drug Administration to allow faster access to cheaper drugs; co-founder of Callard, Madden & Associates

The Future of Freedom in Australia

Andrew Robb - Australia

Member of parliament; shadow minister for finance; chairman of the Coalition Policy Development Committee; former federal director of Liberal Party

Liberal Reform in India

Parth Shah - India

Founder and president of Centre for Civil Society, a market-liberal think tank in Delhi

Liberalism in Malaysia

Wan Saiful Wan Jan - Malaysia

Founder of Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs (IDEAS); life member of Islamic Party of Malaysia; former head of Conservative Muslim Forum in the United Kingdom

Post-Soviet Poland

Leszek Balcerowicz - Poland

Former head of the central bank; architect of post-Soviet economic reforms

Public Health in Madrid

Javier Fernández-Lasquetty - Guatemala and Spain

Vice president of UFM; former regional minister of health for the Community of Madrid; former deputy chief of staff for Spanish president José María Aznar; former secretary general of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis (FAES), Spain’s leading market-liberal think tank

Saving the Budget in Utah and Michigan

John E. Nixon - United States

Chief financial officer at University of Utah; former budget director for the state of Michigan and head of the Department of Technology, Management and Budget; responsible for leading major pension reforms in Michigan; former president of the National Association of State Budget Officers

The Minister of Finance as Minister of Reform

Ruth Richardson - New Zealand

Former minister of finance; architect of far-reaching fiscal and macroeconomic reforms during the 1990s; current and former director of several dozen companies

Student-Centered Education

Jeff Sandefer - United States

Conceptualizer and promoter of reform in Texas state universities; co-founder of Acton School of Business and Acton Academy (K-12); founder of Sandefer Capital Partners; Socratic teacher; president of Antigua Forum 2013

Consumer Protection and Reform in Lithuania

Remigijus Šimašius - Lithuania

Mayor of Vilnius; former minister of justice; former head of Lithuanian Free Market Institute

Rescuing the Philippines

Bernardo Villegas - Philippines

Chairman of Center for Research and Communication; adviser to recent presidents

Lawsuit Reform

Richard Weekley - United States

Chairman of Texans for Lawsuit Reform; chairman of Weekley Development Group.